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City Island 5 Tycoon Sim Game is a simulation ame from Sparkling Society that lets players build and manage their own city. It puts you in the shoes of a mayor of a small island. Your goal is to build new cities by expanding your horizon and skylines. The game is free to download and is playable offline.

City Island 5 Tycoon Sim Game is inspired by other city-building games, such as Cities Skylines and the pioneer SimCity. However, unlike these titles, this one lacks multiplayer and does not let you visit the cities built by other players.

How do you play this game?

The premise of City Island 5 Tycoon Sim Game is simple. As mentioned, your goal is to create and manage a self-sufficient city on a small island. To do so, you will build houses, business complexes, and even entertainment centers. As the game also offers tycoon game mechanics, the buildings you build will earn money after a certain amount of time.

You can then invest the money you earn back into your city by unlocking a bunch of unique buildings. You can also use them to bring happiness or bonuses to your residents. While your ultimate goal is to expand your town to other islands, there will be milestones and daily missions you need to complete, which often include building or investing. 

This city-building sim is a free-to-play game you can experience offline or online. As this is free, expect the game to require you to watch ads to unlock prizes. However, this feature often does not work as the ads almost always fail to load. It also does not help that the app crashes and lags whenever you try to play the game online.

Should you play it?

Overall, City Island 5 Tycoon Sim Game is a game for casual players who are into city-building. It has simple gameplay similar to other titles, which you can experience either offline or online. It also comes with unique-looking buildings and islands. However, as with free games, it comes riddled with ads and issues. It also does not help that it does not offer multiplayer options.


  • Familiar gameplay
  • Unique buildings and islands
  • Playable offline
  • Colorful pixel art style


  • No multiplayer
  • Unlocking some items requires watching ads
  • Often lags when played online
  • Constant crashing

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